To Observe:

(to notice or perceive something and register it as being significant)

Stories are woven only from the act of observation...

ILYD Media Productions Ltd.

Welcome to the ´still imagery´ arm of ILYD Media Productions Ltd..

Started in 2008, ILYD Media Productions has operated as a production company specializing in advertising, re-branding strategy, documentary film making and photographic services.

Photographer´s philosophy:

Little matters to a curious mind than the answer to a ´why?´.

From that immensely loaded word are woven infinitesimal tales and accounts, true and not, that transport the questioner to distant places and stir the thirst for greater understanding.

A photograph is a million stories at once, if only the observer wishes to explore a million explanations.

This eternal quest for meaning through cohesion found in a story - any kind of story, be it a fairy tale, a news piece, a tabloid, a novel - has fueled the many creators of story through both the visual means and the written word.

(Mima Casanova - Observer, storyteller, photographer)


Inquiries will be attended to within 24 - 48 hours.

Costs to be determined by the nature of the services required.